Namkaran Puja

Namkaran Puja in Benguluru by Guru Ji at Benguluru Pandits


According to our rituals and traditions, every child born is named that is found out on the basis of his/her birth date, timing and Graha & Nakshtra. The ceremony of giving name to baby is called as Namkaran Puja – the important function that isn’t just religious one, but has the social status and legal stand too. This is the important day when your baby gets a name to use in documents and to call him/her in day to day life.

Being the first ceremony, Namkaran Puja helps creating a good bond between the baby and his/her family. It is conducted after the 12th day of birth and differs as per region and custom. It is the important celebration done on 11th Day of birth and sometimes on 27th Day (if the baby birth is in Mool Nakshtra). Namkaran Puja is done to cleanse the baby and the mother. In some culture, both are given a good oil bath.

You can call your baby by any name, but the name that is provided after the namkaran Puja is based on the Griha and Nakshtra in which the baby birth occurs. Parents love celebrating the day by inviting guests. Getting Namkaran Puja done properly is important.

Benguluru Pandits is a one stop name where experienced Guru Ji and Pandit Ji are available to ensure the Puja will be performed properly. Guru Ji will be reaching your address and perform Puja according to your rituals. The name is found out from the Panchang.

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