Bhoomi Puja

Bhumi Puja or Bhumi Pujan by Professional Pandit Ji 


Building your dream home is truly an achievement in life that brings happiness, joy, and of course a big smile on your face. Starting construction work at the site is based on the architecture who designs and provide you with a draft of the space. Before anything started on the land, you need to call professional Pandit Ji or Guru Ji for the right Muhurt time for Bhoomi Puja – the most vital part of any construction site to remove Vastu Dosh and other elements from the space. The chanting of Mantras will surely create a remarkable impression and remove all evils and doshas.

Benguluru Puja Offers Bhoomi Puja Services

Bhoomi Puja should be completed with proper vidhan and by accumulating the essential things. We at Benguluru Pandits are well-aware of the increasing importance of this type of Puja that should be performed in the right Muhurat. We provide you with details of the right time and perform this puja according to your requirement. This Puja is done with the chanting of Mantras and by keeping certain things in the base of the pillar to start construction. We also do arrangement for Puja Samigri for Bhoomi Puja. Feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment as per your requirement for the beginning of the Puja.

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