Annaprasan Puja

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Annaprashan Puja, the most crucial ritual to celebrate the beginning of solid food in a child’s diet is all about consuming rise as Anna refers to Food or Rice and Prashan is about consuming. It is the crucial ceremony performed in the 6th Month after the birth of a baby. It is the day to start consuming solid food from that day.

If you are looking for Annaprasan Puja at home – mainly anywhere in Benguluru (Bangalore) and nearby areas, you have come at the right place – Benguluru Pandits. We have expertise in performing all important pujas at home, in temple, online or even at your given address. We do arrangement of Puja samigri or provide you with a list of things required for the puja.

Pandit Ji or Guru Ji performs the Puja and ask baby’s mother or grandmother to prepare Kheer or other food type that is served in a vessel made of silver. Main motive of Annaprasan Puja is to pray to God to bless the baby with good digestive powers. It is an auspicious occasion for the family to come together and bless the child for good health and life.

Annaprasan Puja in Benguluru done by our Guru Ji is important one that is done to help purify the impurities the child attained so far in his life. It marks the introduction of a child inside the society and the human world.

For the important Puja, what all you have to do is give us a call or fill in online form. We do arrangement of everything and ensure you will get everything done properly.

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