Maha Mrityunjay Puja

Maha Mrityunjaya Homa in Bangalore


If something worst your life happens or you are out of positive energy level, it will be better to think beyond and go divine. Maha Mrityunjay Homa and jaap will surely reduce the obstacles and create all the dangers of life threatening issues. It is the main jaap and homa to get the blessings of Mahakal – who can defeat death.

The proper vidhi of jaap is chanted carefully in rhythmical way with Dhyan of Lord Shiva. Jaap of the Mantra is done for 108 in one time and continue for the days as per the fixed. In addition, Maha Mrityunjya Homa is done by professional Guru Ji in proper way and by following all the rituals.

If you are looking for Guru Ji for Maha Mrityunjaya homa and jaap in Bangalore at home or in temple, you have come at the right place – Benguluru Pandits. Our Pandit Ji is experienced and have proven track record of offering you the best solutions and complete Puja done in a planned way.

We request you to schedule an appointment as per your suitable timing. We also conduct such jaaps and puja online. We also arrange Puja samigri as per your requirement.

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