Pitru Tarpanam Puja Kit

Pitru Tarpanam Puja Kit


Pitru Tarpanam Puja Kit / Amavasya Tarpanam Puja Kit contains below items:

1 Turmeric powder 25 gms
2 Kumkuma powder 25 gms
3 Sandalwood powder 25 gms
4 Akshata 50 gms
5 Camphor 15 tablets
6 Betel nuts 10
7 Areca leaf bowls 6
8 Coins 10
10 Diya Pack
i. Diyas 2
ii. Sesame oil 50 gms
iii. Wicks 10
11 Gangajal 25 ml
12 Yagnyopavitam / Jandhyam 1
14 Agarbathi sticks 10
15 Match Box 1
16 Tissue Papers / Cloth 2
18 Black Sesame Seeds 50 grms
19 White Raw RIce 50 grms
20 Darbha 1
21 Kusha Set 1

Customer need to arrange below items:
Fruits, flowers, bananas, betel leaves, prasadam, photo, plates, water, banana leaves etc



Bengalurupandits.com, provides quality Puja Kit for Pitru Tarpanam / Amavasya Tarpanam at best price. Order a unique Pitru Tarpanam Puja Kit that includes all essential items required to perform Pitru Tila Tarpanam. Check the Pitru Tarpanam Items and place order online to get the Pitru Tarpanam Samagri Kit to your door-steps.

To perform the event as per vedic standards, We provide experienced pandit for Pitru Tarpanam Puja to your home with material.

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 4 cm